my best idea yet

2009-02-19 21:03:28 by leaf-fox

ok here is the story....... a boy that always wanted a better world his world wasn't all that great he has a box in his room nobody else knows that it leads to a world of fantasy and magic it's all most perfect he thought that it would be a place were he could escape but he was wrong it was more than paradise it was a adventure of a life time.....
now here is a pic of the world
coming to a flash player near you

leaf out

my best idea yet


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2009-02-19 23:10:13

Interesting idea, sounds like Narnia.

leaf-fox responds:

now that you mention it it does


2009-02-22 04:09:45

sweet this looks tight i can help with the spriting. am i in?

leaf-fox responds:

yah dude totaly


2009-03-14 03:32:36

sweet thanks

leaf-fox responds:



2009-03-14 05:57:18

That idea sounds quite interesting, but next time you make a news post, please try using complete sentences and stuff. Also, I would recommend that you try using artwork/graphics you drew yourself in this movie, as I don't think this sort of movie would be well-suited to sprites. Unless, of course, you made the sprites for the characters yourself.

leaf-fox responds:

I plan on drawing everything and thanx for the comment ^^


2009-05-11 14:23:33

Excellent idea, it definitely sounds like it would be worth watching.

leaf-fox responds:



2009-06-11 20:19:18

thats a really good idea. it seems like one of those types of stories that doesnt have talking... it just goes with the music ya no? LOL or thats probably what i think itll be like hehe

leaf-fox responds:

no talking just music


2009-10-01 16:58:32

I like your newest flash