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ya cool...

2008-12-03 20:56:13 by leaf-fox

[url=http://profile.xfire.com/leaf1110 ][img]http://miniprofile.xfire.com/bg/

i don't know what to do first please post your suggestions. game or flash first?

(update) pocket kingdom

2008-11-28 05:19:37 by leaf-fox

ya the flash i was making i miserably failed so i just decided to make my pocket kingdom sieres ill include a picture next post but so far pocket kingdom is doing awesome plus i can finally make a series i might make a flash called sonic and shadow partners in time but... i don't have any ideas how to start it but im learning by the second.


2008-11-18 02:55:10 by leaf-fox

the image for the first update isn't the real image for the flash im making sorry i was debating on it but i decided not to so ya my avatar is the new pic well its only sonic but still oh before i forget i will have my flash in about 2 weeks at the least a month at the most so keep waiting for it


2008-11-16 02:37:22 by leaf-fox

update ill tell you the name of the flash im creating its called sonic kids mini adventures. its about sonic and friends when they where kids and have fun little adventures now they have way nicer personalaties.


im creationg my first flash

2008-11-14 20:49:25 by leaf-fox

finally my first flash it will be done don't hope for it way to early but not to late.